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Our STYLE is our USP

It's not just what we do, but how we do it...

The team carries a rare breadth and depth of experience in Partnership Sales, Marketing & Communications, particularly in the categories of Sports, Entertainment, Events, Travel & Tourism, Lifestyle, and ESG.

10 things you'll love about us

  1. Our credibility, work ethic, authenticity and reliability

  2. Our ability to play Cupid, matching brands with rights holders

  3. A resourceful and cost-accountable approach offering value for money

  4. A reputation for fusing analytical and strategic with inventive and creative solutions

  5. Our knowledge of the Middle East & GCC

  6. Our existing in-market relationships

  7. Advice that is practical and actionable

  8. We listen

  9. Our deep understanding of new technology and new market opportunities

  10. We are a fun, energetic, experienced and culturally diverse

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